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Traditions Since 1964

For as long as I can remember, we always had exquisite meals.  My full blooded Italian mother cooked the most divine meals.  When she married my full blooded Polish father, she learned how to cook Polish dishes.  My mother had a knack for going in to an essentially empty refrigerator and created something wonderful.  Growing up in that household, it was easy to realize I also had a passion for cooking.

What was a simple hobby, turned into a passion and King's Cuisine was born.  Catering services sometimes have their set items and don't always allow for customization.  We can cater any small or large event and ensure that it will be something your guests will not forget!  We have worked anything from luncheons, to upscale weddings and everything in between.  Contact us today to make your event one of a kind!

Growing up with an Italian mother and Polish father
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